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Credit card payments:
Pay via PayPal QR Code (shown below).
The latest PayPal App is available via the link above or directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play, simply search for: PayPal.

1. Enter amount above.
2. Open the PayPal app on your smartphone, then select the QR scan icon (towards the top right of the main screen)
3. Scan the QR code shown below, then enter the calculated "Total amount (including transaction fees)"
  shown in the yellow highlighted section within the table below.
QR Code

Payment Option Rate + Fixed cost Total amount (including transaction fees)
Pay via QR Code 0.99% $0.11
Pay in person 1.98% N.A.
Pay via QR Code (International) 1.98% $0.33
Pay online 2.64% $0.33
Pay offline 2.97% $0.33
Pay online (International) 3.74% $0.33

Other credit card payment options:
- Pay in person: Card inserted or swiped & PIN entered via PayPal Here card reader.
- Pay via QR Code (international): For non-Australian PayPal accounts or where the sender uses a non-Australian payment method.
- Pay online: Click first "Total amount" link or button in above table to pay now via PayPal Me.
- Pay offline: Secure email, Fax or Post including credit card authority transactions, manually entered (keyed) in a batch via PayPal Here.
- Pay online (international): For non-Australian PayPal accounts or where the sender uses a non-Australian payment method.

Please note:
For online payments, make sure the amount entered in top left field above matches the amount shown on the Tax Invoice or Quotation.
Transaction fees, also known as a MSF (Merchant Service Fee) surcharge are shown in the table above under "Rate + Fixed cost" in the middle columns.
PayPal quotes on the net amount, whilst our calculations are based on the gross amount including the transaction fees, rounded to 2 decimal places.
If amount paid online excludes the calculated gross "Total amount (including transaction fees)" highlighted in yellow in above table right column,
then the difference must be paid via EFT, otherwise we will reverse the transaction less the calculated transaction fees.
Unfortunetely PayPal no longer offer refunds on transaction fees.

Pay with PayPal

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer):
Avoid PayPal transaction fees by paying via Internet Banking, our BSB and account details are shown at the bottom of most Quotations and Tax Invoices.
All the major financial institutions support EFT payments via Internet Banking, such as Commonwealth Bank NetBank.
Please email payment confirmation and/or remittance advice to accounts.

Netro Accounts
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PayPal: Sign up for Free!
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PayPal: User Agreement e.g. Standard transaction fees
ACCC: Credit, debit & prepaid card surcharges

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Last updated: Sep-23